‘Grisaia: Phantom Trigger’ Receives Sequel

Front Wing announced that a new sequel for its Grisaia: Phantom Triggertheatrical adaptation is in the works. The new production is to be based on the third volume of the visual novel (pictured), and will be crowdfunded from June in order to ensure higher quality.

Front Wing began developing its adult visual novel series and released Grisaia no Kajitsu on PC in February 2011. Two sequels, Grisaia no Meikyuu and Grisaia no Rakuen later followed in February 2012 and May 2013, respectively.

Studio 8bit animated the first game adaptation in Fall 2014 for 13 episodes. The second game was adapted into an hour-long special in Spring 2015 that aired days before a second anime adaptation, which concluded the trilogy.

Grisaia: Phantom Trigger is Front Wing’s current project in the franchise that spans over six volumes. The company released volume 5.5 and 6 on April 26. Director Motoki Tanaka‘s newly established Bibury Animation Studios produced the March 15 movie, which adapted volume one and two.

Source: Comic Natalie


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