4-Koma Manga ‘Sketchbook’ Ends

Mag Garden’s MAGCOMI June issue announced that Totan Kobako‘s 4-koma slice of life manga Sketchbook will end in the magazine’s July issue, which will ship on June 5.

Kobako began publishing Sketchbook in the now-defunct Comic Blade in February 2002 before transferring to MAGCOMI in 2014. Mag Garden published the 13th volume on July 10 of last year. A 13-chapter sidestory subtitled Shucchouban was released as one volume in October 2006.

A 13-episode TV anime by Hal Film Maker aired in Fall 2007 and adapted some material from Shucchouban. Nozomi Entertainment licensed the series in North America and released a DVD in 2015, and Crunchyroll began streaming the anime on its platform in 2016.



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